CM Punk (cmpunk) wrote,
CM Punk

Bloody Hell

I've never lost so much blood in my entire life. I haven't even cleaned up yet...I think blood is romantic. I made my goal of being home and in bed by three AM, but for some reason, I woke up at five. So i've been sitting here ever since with blood caked all over me, wondering exactly why it is I'm awake.
I got some place to be in three hours, then I've gotta be at my dojo for tryouts. I'm a zombie...just wish I was the flesh eating kind.

Below is romance:

bloodied and heartbroken I remain,
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Damn punk what was the match bro ?
There's murder in them eyes!
Btw, the match was Jimmy Rave vs CM Punk in a Dog Collar match.

Goddamn, that's a great picture and that crimson mask looks great. Hope ya feel better and good luck at the tryouts.
Dude, your eyes are so like..i don't know how to descibe it in that picture just scary and i'd definatly run if i seen you behind me looking like that.

<3 Jen
Intense, I can't wait to see that match.
::fan girl moment:: that's fucking hott.

sounds like you had a good match, cant wait to see it

Too bad you guys missed it.

Great match, great show. That was my first time live at ROH, and I'll definitely be back when they come back to Manhattan.
so hardcore its not even funny

i saw you on Sunday night HEAT a few weeks ago... IS CM PUNK W/ WWE????

That's a great photo. I wish I could see the match.
Punk, the match was fucking amazing last night. Sounds like you had a hell of a weekend with the 30+ match with Delirious the night before in Midlo.

"bloodied and heartbroken I remain,"

spoken like a true sXe
I think this is my favorite Punk crimson mask since 2nd City Saints (Punk/Cabana) vs Christopher Daniels and Raven. About eight and a half minutes into that match, the camera gets a close up of you, your face covered in blood, and you just have this look of pure....insanity on your face. Its so great.
Crimson masks always look cool as fuck, I want one for christmas.
Ouch, sounds like you had a rough night from the pic provided.


May 8 2005, 18:50:12 UTC 11 years ago

I am upset. I know that wins don't mean much in wrestling, but I am tired of hearing of The Punker doing the job! The fan boy blood in me starts to boil!
Great match and one hell of a juicing. You even got some blood on us in the second row.
That picture is rad. Good luck with everything, and take care.
I haven't seen that much blood since the Fash Gang fucked the shit out of Craig Charles from Red Dwarf fame.

did anyone ever tell you how pretty you look in red?
wait, maybe pretty isn't the word,, it's true!
Damn Punk. That's really all I can say
I heard you had an insanely great match last night, I can't wait to see it on DVD. As always, an awesome job by one of the best going today.
If it's any consolation, some of your blood got on me. I still haven't washed the shirt, either. I wonder what the best way to wash blood off of a shirt is?
yr blood letting is quite the erotic treat

I had to leave early to pick my mother up at the train station. And this is what I miss?

That'll teach me to graduate college. See if I ever do that again.
Same words as I have for Iceman and HATE before ... Fucking Idiot! ;)

Keep you're head up and please don't die!
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