CM Punk (cmpunk) wrote,
CM Punk

"Fuck you Joboo, you mean to tell me Jesus Chirst can't hit a curve ball?"

Yeah. I was just laying in bed for three hours, after reading for about two, and STILL CANNOT GET TO SLEEP. I would like to rant and rave about things.

First off...oh shit, now I rememeber what I wanted to write about. Steroids. Somebody brought to my attention a commentary written by Lance Storm and it was a great read. Of course, i'm a douche bag and don't know the addy of it, and even if I did, due to my 'puter illiteracy wouldn't be able to link ya'll to it anyway. Regardless, i'm sure it's a widely known fact that Lacnce Storm says he's never touched a steroid in his life.

Now, i've never met Lance Storm, but I will admit to thinking that was bullshit for some time. Now i'm not too sure though. I mean, I pretty much have drawn a target on myself being straight edge and in the wrestling business, and i've heard people tell other people that i'm on all sorts of shit. So I thought about it, and it just never occured to me that Lance is probably telling the truth. I never put that much thought into it. I feel pretty silly about it honestly. I basically had the same thought process in regards to Lance, that the haters have towards me. I'm 26 years old. I didn't start working out until I was 17 or 18 and I only started working out because I was getting into the wrestling business. It's taken TONS of hard work to get where I am today, and i'm lieterally still learning and maturning in the gym. I weigh a whopping 212 pounds, and can be freaquently heard mumbling, "i'm fat" while doing at least an hour of cardio a day. I think I look like shit. I think I certainly don't look like somebody who is all gassed up. Sweet jeebus could you imagine if I *was* on the gas? I'd be a monster! Or maybe not, because i'm not too sure how steriods really work. I know people who said they were on and it didn't even look like they went to a gym. Would I have to eat more to maintain my weight? Would I be even MORE angry (think about how scary that would be)? Everybody is different, and my body respods horribly to carbs, so I try to keep 'em low...and holy shit am I rambling. I'll try to focus.....

Lance looks great, always has, and it's gotta be hell keeping that up with a full time wrestling schedule, but after thinking about it, it can be done. I'm not so lucky in the genetics department, so I feel i've gotta work extra hard, or at least a lot harder than most. I love hearing, or reading about silly fans that SWEAR i'm on this, or i'm taking that. Really, I do. It's almost inspiring in a way. I must look good, 'cause the kid with the screen name that ends in 316 says i'm on steroids!!!!

Fuck, I totally have no idea what my point is. Lance wrote a great commentary on it all, go find it.
Lance Storm is not on Steroids. Neither am I. I cannot however, vouch for Daizee Haze at all.

Maybe after I actually do sleep, i'll try to formulate a better written commentary on whatever the hell it was I was trying to say. Or maybe i'll just go to the gym...
drug. fucking. free.
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You know you'll never get the gains you want in the gym with rest... C'mon, Punk! I know you're not into drugs, but NyQuil for God's sakes


August 19 2005, 16:50:23 UTC 12 years ago

sorry bro i'm the one who said you were on the gas, but hey it got me mad over in the roh forum which i think we can both agree was long over due. so its not like me tainting your name by the slightest wasnt for a good cause at all. i'm sorry though, i'll make it up to you bro, i'll create you in no mercy and win the world title with it.
Apreciate all your work on the indu scene Punker. Highest regards for when you break into the E. Show 'em what talent is.



September 24 2005, 15:58:12 UTC 12 years ago

Great post, thank God you aren't on Steroids. You look good without them.

well i can vouch that daizee is pretty solid but i still wouldnt say shes on the juice
I remember when EDGE aka Adam Copeland stopped by here in Ottawa waiting to do a Interview for the Ottawa Sun.He stopped outside for some Autographs and I was Lucky enough to eventually Converse with him.

He is a Big Guy about 6'4 and I Tackled him some Shoot questions about why is he the only wreslter that comes back to Canada often and why he always restrains from doing one on one Interviews? He told me it was his public persona and just hates being ask the same questions.By that time I asked him about Lance Storm and how is he doing these days?Edge responded by saying''Lance is the smartest wrestler he has ever met and by means if knowing what the business is about and he also added that guys like him dont get a Fair shake in the biz because he is to Talented.

We ended off with a Good luck handshake and keep in touch.(He is acutally a down to earth and pretty Nice)

Ps>Thank you CM PUNK for addressing the issue as I stop by here for some Introspective and Interesting Reads.

Regards JEC IMPRESSION>Leaving an Impression is always worth the Fight
Well I know this comment is really late but C.M. Punk,I know you are AWESOME and I doubt that you are on steroids, I admire you a lot, you ar emy favorite wrestler and LOL you're funny,when you write you sound like me a little bit



November 1 2008, 03:28:20 UTC 8 years ago

I am a HUGE fan of yours. But just to let you know that I think you look awesome. A great wrestler. I have been watching you every chance i can! I have a big crush on you. I love the peircing, tatoo's-EVERYTHING about you. And 212 pounds isn't bad! You look amazing. Just stay the way you are, I am one of your BIGGEST fans! :D For christmas i am getting the ipod with CM Punk on it. It's expensive. But i begged and pleaded for it. SO that should tell you. I am like 11 years old. Reading all of this!! :D But it's NOT a waste. It's pretty interesting- to see how you were in 2005 to 2008! :D

Lots and Lots Of Love,


drug free..i beleive it...but appearantly some people not gonna say who but they kept writing drug free on their knuckles and turning it backwords saying free drugs.fine ill say who acouple of my buddies.....
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