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Not tired, not alone, not dead, not anymore...

Mysterys of life. Why you meet people when you do. Why certain ones get there, call you on your bullshit.
Always when you least expect it and trying your damndest to keep everybody the fuck away. The way my perspective of things has changed one hundred percent. To view things in way you never ever thought you would understand. GFY ya ham sammich. I'm trying my best to unlearn. GFY.

"everyday above ground is a good day..."
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Life sucks sometime. I crashed my car the other day, my best friends mum died, and everything else has blended into something which resembles the morning after a night at Taco Bell... least, you're not dead, hey.
playing Metroid numbs the pain
So does playing the bongos.

Playing the bongos whilst playing Metroid is amazing!
all while balencing a penguin on your genitalia whilst drinking a slurpee.. its the ultimate high!
Okay, now you're just weird.

“Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that a warrior has to ask, mandatorily: 'Does this path have a heart?'”

“The world is incomprehensible. We won’t ever understand it; we won’t ever unravel its secrets. Thus we must treat the world as it is: a sheer mystery.”

~Carlos Castaneda
if it helps you feel better, you got MAD heat last night @ OVW.....congrats! haha

get at me sometime on here (xmessengerx)

HATEBREED this saturday at THE GATE (it's on story ave., jonathan should know where it is)


that was profound and slightly sweet. good work :)
Everyone is in your life for a reason. Years later you will look back on this entry and be amazed at where you went from here. You'll never have imagined that the people you meet take you the places that they do.

Hey - by any chance do you ever make it to the Toronto Canada area? I've never seen you work and I'd love to see why everyone calls you the next big thing.
there is no unlearning... you just continue the evolution that is the human animal, and if you stand still on the path for too long the rest of the ignorant fuckers will crush you under their heels...

good luck with all of that.
Hang in there, Punker.


November 10 2005, 14:01:21 UTC 11 years ago

Congratulations Punk. You know why I'm saying that and I don't want to post any spoilers but here's to popping up a cold Pepsi and toasting it to you. You're the man!

sXe Chic
Hey Punk,Dont know you but from TV,There are no queastions worth the real anser,Just exist.
ya lls NiK.
hey there mr. punk its 12:59 am where i am and i wanted to say hi


yours truly,
hey punker, that's some good gangstering right there.

made me smile to see you there for wrestlemania, albeit just as a bit part, you got yourself some good camera time.

hopefully we'll see you on teevee again soon.
Hey dude you may remember me from Glasgow Hilton or maybe not? Any way Freak or not i like your way of thinking! You were so cool to the kids at the Hotel, keeping it real and being so nice unlike the others, i work in the make -up industry and thier all the same!, i tend not to favour stars that much as thier usually about a quarter of an inch up thier own a***s!('',)
complex thinking of the complex mind! It's the poor man's treasure!!

Do things happen for reasons? are we all destined to paths or are we that unsure of life that we not only believe a higher being controls us that we stop living all together?
Any way i googled you after i met you tonight and found an interesting human being with veiws to be told,!!!
live and learn x nic


December 30 2006, 22:25:06 UTC 10 years ago

The Impossibles rule!

-Tim Wilkinson
cheers to being a great worker....underutilized...but a great worker


November 14 2007, 16:39:57 UTC 9 years ago



November 14 2007, 16:41:45 UTC 9 years ago

your penis is small
I never thought someone would have
the same thoughts running through there head
my thought always concern curtain mysteries in
life. Questions pop into my head like; Why did this happen?
Was it meant to be like this?
Thats all i really had to say, and you probably
wont read this anyways due to all the fans that
you have.. Uhmm, Byee ?
I always just saw wrestlers as people fighitng eachother, never really caring to learn more than there name unless I like them. But even after that emotions were something I though about.

You are probably the first wrestler I've ever really wondered about the physch of. It's something where I would I have never expected to see a proffesional wrestler post something that made me think as deep as what you posted.

While many people are trying to 'decode some secret message' in it, I seem that you phrased it simply perfect, making it easy to tell you're saying what you want, not some cryptic story.

-You're probably becoming my hero.