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"Fuck the Parrot Bay Cafe" and "Many things to come"

So as I sit here in the Dallas international airport, trying to recant the last couple weeks of my life to myself, I thought i'd let you all know that i'm really annoyed that I just told my waiter at this Texas bar and grill that I only wanted fries with my order if they came as a side. I didn't want to pay extra for fries I didn't really want. Yup. You guessed it, I did. Two bucks for fries I didn't eat. No worries, and yes, I still tipped him. Shit just annoys me.
Speaking of really horrible service, i've got a good story from last night that involves Raven,myself, warm shrimp and a very drunk bar owner. Fuck the Parrot Bay Cafe. My plane is about to board, so i'll update and entertain you with that, and other stories at a later date. Mostly about Chris Daniels and myself winning 300 dollars in a "Boxer short jaccuzzi contest", and the wrestler court that was called due to said shennanigans.
I love me some shennanigans.
Off to Oragne County I go.
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