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"The bastard father of internet cruelty"

What you should all know right now is that i'm in the middle of what i've named "Crimmus tour 2003", and i'm in Chicago. I've hit roughly 7 or 9 states in the past week and a half.
Also, you're lives will be much more enriched to know that the computer i'm on likes to crash more Ray Charles behind the wheel of a bumper car, so the ongoing saga that is my current commentary update about Cali, strippers, Monster Garage, gay Cubans, Mint Chocolate chip icecream, boxer shorts and a soaking wet 300 bucks, wrestler court, NWA:TNA, run-on sentences, my lack of using spell check due to my utter laziness, and the fact that i'm the bastard father of internet cruelty because everybody and their mother (the boss as well) now likes to indulge in burying everybody and anything in their journal updates while using liberal doses of my piss and vinegar "up yours" writing style, ::DEEP BREATH::, will be up sometime soon when I get in front of a functioning 'puter.
'puter is short for computer, pig.
Also, we'll discuss my giant ego, and how I just put myself over as the KING of the motherfucking journal entry.
I love oatmeal cookies.
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