CM Punk (cmpunk) wrote,
CM Punk

a small letter to NJ....

Dear New Jersey,

Fuck off.

Tenderly, I remain


P.S. Hey Mapquest, go fuck yourself.

Oh, and before I go when I was smaller (I don't dare say 'growing up', as it denotes that...well...i'm grown up.) I always thought of marriage as something two people did when they really loved each other. Never once for some odd reason did it occur to me that I was "a union between a MAN and a WOMAN". I always just pegged it for something two PEOPLE did when they really dug the idea of spending the rest of their lives together. Yeah...never thought it was anything but an afirmation of two peoples love for each other...albeit a bad one, but I guess I just never this whole "only and MAN and a WOMAN can marry each other" thing. Not sure why...oh wait, maybe it's because i'm not a BIGOT.
Fuck you George Bush, Gavin Newsom is the MAN!
More crabbiness on the way...I oh so love it when you all complain that I don't update...

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