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"My life is just like a car crash" OR "boring rant that will somehow get tons of replies..."

Sometimes my sleep schedule is so fucked up. I always figure why bother sleeping when I gotta leave at four AM to get to the airport on time. Of course, it doesn't help that I slept in on Thursday, so even if I wanted to try and sleep it'd be useless. So here I am, in chicago for a fleeting twenty-four hours. I'll sleep on the plane, hit the gym, go home, nap, eat, then go back to the gym. Gotta love this warped cycle of life. I was supposed to spend thanksgiving on the road like the last four or five years, but the IWA shows got canceled, so I had my first turkey day in Philly. I was also supposed to stay in Chi town until Sunday mourning, and tomorrow night I was going to hit up my old stomping ground the Metro to see Lars and the Bastards. Maybe sing a little duet, who knows. So now I fly back in about four hours, and i'm pretty much just killing time right now. I'm a domestic Punker, doing my laundry and all so I don't have to bother with it durning the week. I think i'm starting to get sick of all the travel, which is something I never thought i'd say. I'm at the point where each day I sleep at a different time, for different intervals and I have to try to fit in going to the gym, and teaching and everything else. Nothing is a total loss this weekend however, and i'm almost certain I'll get to cross paths with Lars when hes in Philly.

The big rad news I got is that on Sunday, my best friend Chez comes to Philly to visit. She'll get to see how utterly crazy my life is, with the going to the gym twice and day and training the kids, but it should be fun. I moved away over a year ago, and not a day goes by where I don't miss living 6 blocks down the street from her, and being able to go see her whenever. I need to move again though. I hate paying tolls on the turnpike everyday. I also want to get a dog. Oh, and the high speed internet so I can beat everybodies ass at Halo. Yes, I will look for a new place, and I will crush Stevie Richards at online gaming. If somebody wants to give me free living quarters near or in the city of philly, Steviecorps will buy you lunch everyday for a year.

Real quick, thanks to everybody that keeps praising my match with Samoa Joe on 10/16. We're both real proud of it. It was one of the most relaxed matches i've ever had. Sometimes you just have chemistry with somebody, and trust them enough to just go to the ring, and go wherever the crowds emotions take you. That night was very much all called on how the crowd was reacting, so thanks to everybody that was there live, thanks to the people who have watched the tape, enjoyed it, reviewed it, whatever. I'm going to try my best to keep delivering.....
And now i'm going to try my best to kill another hour or two. If anybody is going to the Bastards show in Philly on December 12th, drop me a line and let me know. I'll jump on you....

XpunkX...trying to remember when...
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