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Can you feel the pulse?

It's officially fall. It's almost October.
You may recall October is my month. That's right, i'm Mr. October. I see no reason for this year to be different.
I'm medically cleared as of Wednesday to get back in the ring, after everybody made a pretty big deal out of what in my opinion was nothing. simply another broken nose, first time bone has actually stuck out though, that was interesting. The ear thing is worse, but if Corino can survive, it's a cake walk! Plus, it's sorta fun really not having to listen to everybody most of the time and having a legit excuse. I'm sure the novely of being half deaf will wear off eventually, but let's face it folks, when it comes to injuries, i've had worse...

"If it doesn't kill you, use it and kill somebody else..."

More to come tomorrow...MAYBE.

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