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Random acts of senseless...

Elijah Burke says I say "fuck" a lot. I do. I really really do. I don't think it's a bad thing at all.
I want a shirt that just says "fuck you" on it, and I want to wear it while walking through airports all day. There's no such thing as a bad word, just bad intentions.

I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. Or later today due to what time it is. I should really be asleep. Chances are I don't set my alarm, wake up way late, throw things due to waking up way late, skip doing legs and just do an hour of cardio, then either A. go to the zoo for maybe two hours, or B. hang out at the sushi bar all day and drown my sorrow in rice and edemame.

I can't seem to go to the movies without getting popcorn. And it never fails when I ask for a medium, then tell me how much money i'll save, or what the small amount is to upgrade to a large, and then look at me like i'm crazy when I tell them if I wanted a FUCKING (there it is again!) large I would've asked for one. Run on sentences rule. AND so does starting sentences with and. I recently saw Domino and Corpse Bride. I liked both, but maybe they're renters. Maybe.

There's a very large cemetary near by that I think i'm going to spend some time in soon. Cardio in the cemetary! Nothin' can beat it.

Go check out my "ask Punker" stuff on my website ( for answers to questions I get asked all too often. There's maybe....two interesting questions asked out of fifty so far. Nobody is challenging anymore, and everybody thinks they're as funny as me. That's right, i said it. You should see some of the questions I don't bother answering....

It's hilarious to me how I work out like crazy, super hard everyday, STILL think i'm fat, and yet am too lazy to spell check this. It's also ironic when you consider one of my pet peeves is the fact that nobody knows how to spell anymore, OR use proper punctuation. Don't even get me started on the people that use number for letters....fuckin' hell ya'll, i'm going to snap very shortly.

Pygmy hippos and a 12 foot albino alligator here I come!

Tenderly I remain your antisocial king....
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