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CM Punk's Journal
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Saturday, October 12th, 2002

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And so it begins...and it can't....won't stop.
They kids nowadays love the live journal. Who am I to deny the kids?
I may be able to update my commentary more often, since this is pretty much taking it's place. It'll still be linked as War Stories on my website, but this is just easier then sending it to my Spooky Webmistress and having her post it. I'll have the older ones acrchived in case anybody wants to read the old nonsense. I have a good chunk of commentary written already, I just gotta see if I can cut and paste it on here. After the next two weeks or so, I should have many a good thing to write about, as myself, Ace Steel, and Chris Hero are going to be kicking ass every day next week in ATL (if you don't agree, don't even look at me!)
I leave you with a couple things to think about....
Ace Steel rules the world, i'm proud of him.
I am a super rudo for missing Shirley Does wedding. No excuses, but i'm going to set fire to Amtrak, Greyhound, and a certain primadonna bitch.
Be on the look out for me....i'm taking over your town, and getting rid of grandma.

Current Mood: aggravated

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