November 16th, 2002

"Until the end of the world..."

I smashed my alarm clock sometime this mourning. I had it set for nine in the AM so I could do cardio and the like. I woke up at 4:30. I looked up to see what time it was, and my clock wasn't on my dresser anymore. I peered over the end of my bed, and there it was, all smashed on my floor. I mean, this thing was in pieces. I think there's somebody out there that would liken that to an analogy for my life, but I digress. I ran into an old friend of mine the other day, the subject above is for him.....

"The slow climb back up to the top of the bottom of the barrell"

October whenever, Clarksville Indiana--IWA

Saddle 'em up Dave Prazak, we're going back to the EYE DUBYA AYE! Prazak and myself head out for my fabled return to an IWA ring since smashing my head all over New Jersey. The drive was nice, thank you for asking. I take on Nate Webb, and then engage in a three way dance later in the night with Chris Hero and B.J Needermeiner. Nate Webb and I was decent enough, and my big baby face return included me calling people motherfuckers. Thing is: people don't get that really IS me being nice.
Chris Hero and B.K Broilmer came with the forearm heat, but no worries, I fought back. My skull held up nicely, and so far, no side effects from the fracture. The IWA show actually ends early, so we retire to Heros Bat Cve and watch the

"Texas and the Spaceman" or "Can you tell who's re-reading his Preacher run?"

Day after October whenever, Clarksville Indiana--more IWA!

I really can't remember the dates of these shows. My calandar is just out of arms reach too, but it'll be more fun this way. I think this may have been an IWA anniversary show, and I sure do hate the Hives. I lock up with Jerry Lynn for the first time and he carries my still rusty ass to a good match. Hell, he's Jerry Lynn, he could carry half of Chicago to a good match. I fall victim to his crazy roll up knowledge, but he falls prey to my "kick you in the face after the match is over" knowledge. This show ran a little longer than the night before, yet this didn't stop us for watching Johnny Saint tapes until the sun came up. Don't know who Mr. Saint is? Shame on you.

Random acts of Randomness: Dave Prazak may or may not have spent an extra day or so in Kentuckiana. The movie Red Dragon was seen this weekend, or possibly some other weekend I was down there. I vaugely remember jamming five people in a little photo booth, but there's a chance this didn't happen at all. Reports have come in about a possible altercation at the Golden Corral buffet, due to me swearing uncontrolably in front of children, but we all know I don't swear. I also don't de-pants Helena Heavenly in the parking lot of said eating establishment, revealing to the world her Winnie the Pooh unders, that would be so uncalled for.

Have I mentioned that the Hives suck?
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