December 9th, 2002

"imposters, you haven't the slightest idea what you've done"

It's just come to my attention that a kid by the name of Jacey North has, and I quote, "wanted to do a straight edge gimmick" for the past month or so. Well douche bag, it's not a gimmick. It's the way I live my life, and I take it very seriously. It's not some cartoonish aspect of my personality that you can try and hijack to try and make your untalented ass more marketable. You're not just stealing from me, you're insulting a subculture that you know nothing about. Integrity...something you know nothing about. Respect...something you obvioulsy know nothing about. Discipline...something you know nothing about, but something you desperately need. I don't do this often, but you've pissed me off more than you can possibly imagine. You fucking insult me, and your ignorance is disgraceful
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"Blood, sweat and honeymustard"

Friday December 6, Pittsburgh PA (and too many places in between)--IWC

Remember when the quickest way to get from point A to point B was a straight line? Not anymore! This is the story of my horrible Friday:
The idiocy begins at Midway airport. I make my way to my terminal after meeting up with Cabana at the check in gate,and my trip starts off as normal as it usually does. A bit of waiting around, and we're off to...DETROIT! Whoo! What's that? Detroit you say? Why wouldn't we be flying to Detroit? Isn't that how everybody gets to Pittsburgh? I guess that's what happens when you buy tickets the night before a flight. You get to see lovely Detroit, ride in a barely passable prop engine plane to Cleveland, then have your luggage lost by one of the three airports even though they put GIANT blue transfer stickers on the bags. Indy wrestling is more glamorous than your moms make up bag!
Instead of just waiting around the Cleveland airport (i've already logged way too much time sleeping on the floor of this place on past adventures)we jump a shuttle and start the search for a rental car. After a hilarious scene with Avis, I remember that i've got a hook up with Enterprise, and the local branch gives us the superstar treatment. The total silver lining to waiting aroud to see if our luggage was misplaced in Detroit, or already on it's way to Miami, was going to the Cleveland mall. That's right people, we were hungry, and yearned for entertainment. We tried on wigs, had underage girls at the Cinnabon tell us blowjob jokes, I mocked hot topic and their overpriced hoodies, then we ate at Harry Buffalos. Cabana had been telling me to eat a buffalo burger for years, and I finally gave in to his demands. I recommend you go try one, unless you're vegan, then get two of 'em. They're that good. Make sure you get 'em with sweet potato chips too.
Around 3:00 our bags arrived from Detroit, and we started the drive to Pittsburgh about four hours late. Suprisingly, we arrived on time, and sadly like most every where else, Pittsburgh radio sucks. The CCAC building has a fond place in my heart, simply because we get a nice locker room, SHOWERS! (i'm easy to please), and a whole bunch of workout equiptment to pump up with before the matches. I had plans to get a shoulder workout in before the show started, but my stupid travel "plans" put a big stop to that. I wrestled Mdogg20 on the fourth match of the show. Mdogg/Punk matches are always a bit sticky, this one may have been our best yet. He's a great athlete, and i'm doing everything I can to help him. He's got tons of stuff to learn, but he knows that, and that's a good thing. Mdogg rolls me up after a giant swing/texas cloverleaf combo. Oh yeah, I also roll my ankle during the match. I don't recommend anybody try that particular thing...but if you can get your hands on a buffalo burger.......
We get rolling towards Philly for the ROH show, and things are pretty much a blur in the car ride for me. I think i've been sick lately, but have been staying on top of it pretty good. I don't really have symptoms, I just sleep a lot and get tried quick. I try my best to stay awake, because lately, i've been having this dream where all my ex-girlfriends organize, travel to Tibet and study to be ninjas. Then they come after me. That's a lot of revenge goddamnit. We get to Wrestling House Pittsburgh around 4 in the A.M. and interupt a dance party in progress. Naturally, there's no ice for my ankle, and I settle for Barbieheads frozen perogies....there's that glamour again.
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