December 17th, 2002

"It's 2:41 am, and death is an option"

Saturday December 7, Philadelphia PA--ROH

As I lay on the floor of Wrestling House PA i'm crabby, tired, and sort of amused because everybody is whispering as to "not wake up Punk". Well, guess what assholes? You're some of the loudest whisperers in the world. You get an F.
I've got at least another three hours of quality sleep, but apparently Mike Quackenbushs car broke down on his way to set up for his Chikara show. Luckily Bryce, the Chikara ref was at the house, so he left to pick him up. THEN Bryce calls because...yup, you guessed it, HIS car broke down too.
My day of inconvenience begins:
I can't imagine i'm the happiest person in the world, but if you wake me up, tell me I don't have time to shower or eat breakfast, i'll more than likely become the biggest crab you've ever seen. It's situations like these where the outside world should be happy I bring headphones with me.
We arrive at Quacks only to find that Bryce has started his car (ball fists in anger and yell at the sky!). Another Chinese fire drill, and Cabana and I head straight back to Wrestling House PA to clean up and pee all over the walls as an act of revenge. I finally get my shower, I finally get my breakfast, so we finally head out to Philly for some ROH action.
Cabana drops me off at the Rec center and he goes shopping for food, tape, and the new Cannibal Corpse album (he's a huge metal head). While saying hellos, I receive the worst beating i've ever had in my entire life. I must've been headbutted in the crotch at least 80 times. Then I lean in to sell some chops, and I get slapped directly in the eye. Repeatedly. Thank you Colby Corino, you're already better trained than 90% of Chicago. Honestly, and this is coming from me, who happens to hate kids...Colby is rad, although I hear is dad cheats at Uno.
The show is of course smooth as hell. Cabana and I tear it up, and it was really cool to share the ring after our match with Gary Micheal Capetta. This brings my good match streak up to an unprecedented five weeks. I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out any day now. I was also humbled to watch two of my favorite guys in Paul London and American Dragon tear the house down. What a great match, i'm glad I got to witness it live. You gotta love Paul London, and American Dragon...well, if I don't put him over, he'll get all crazy on me and *ahem*, "Beat me from PILLAR TO POST!"

Another cool thing was to see Paul E. Normous. I hadn't seen him since we tagged together on a 3PW show a while back. He had his entire face smashed, and the docs told him he'd never wrestle again but he's back. You gotta love against all odds shit like that. F doctors, they know nothing. After Cabana and I cut some promos on the streets of ghetto Philly, we head back to get to fly to Chicago. And yes, we slept in the car because we're super indy SCUM. Props to paying dues, it's a lost art.
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