August 15th, 2004

Dead. In your tracks.

So i'm at the dojo. No sense in sleeping (which is a very underrated line...might have to use that for a t-shirt). I've gotta head out to the airport in a little over an hour. I'm going to kill some time by updating this, of course, with non-sensical gibber jabber that nobody gets but me....
yeeeeeeeah...remember that bad weekend I had? Well, i don't feel like reliving it. In a nutshell, I had a run of five weekends in a row where my travel was just horrible. That pariticular weekend saw me get screwed out of my early flight, bags lost for over five days with my car keys in them, and I missed a booking for JCW. Losing money sucks. Not having a car because it's parked at the airport because you're an idiot and checked a bag with your car keys in it sucks MORE. I belive the weekend after that, I was flying to Missouri to work for Harley Race, when, while already seated, a represenative of US Air boarded and told me that i'd have to get off the plane due to weight restrictions. That'll make a lesser man bulimic. Apparently, I was one of the last to book my ticket. So I missed that show too.

If I haven't in the past, I would now like to proclaim myself the O.G. of the livejournal. I find it hilarious that people even rip off the writing style of Samoa Joe and myself. Eh, the stories are mad boring, but they try. It's cute!

Go read Mark Wolfs journal. Good stuff there.

People changing: sure does suck. There's a lot of things I gotta get over, this is just one of them. Ya think i'd be used to it by now, but basically people are selfish cunts.

I worked Donovan Morgan tonight. I was supposed to work him about two years ago, but the week before I fractured my skull. I actually still tried to make the booking, but my little sisters found me passed out in the hallway of their house with one shoe on. I wrestled with Stevie Richards tights on. Why? Because my ass looked dynamite, that's why.

I'm still debating if I should do the TPI this year. This is one of the things I gotta get over. This tourney used to be special to me. Good memories, but shit just ain't the same anymore.

Go buy Lars and the Bastards new CD, because it's the best thing to come out all year so far.

I need some new tattoos. It's not the money that's the problem, it's the wrestling. I do a lot of that. That's bad for tattoos ya know. My birthday is also coming up, so please send many gifts. No flowers, and if you're an exgirlfriend, I won't except baked goods.

I think that's it kids. I'm debating if I should spell check all this...
See ya in 6 months!!!
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