July 19th, 2005

Packing sucks.

That's right, packing SUCKS. However, moving is rad. Only a couple more days here at Wrestling House PA, and I say goodbye to yet another wrestling house. My schedule this week is full on hilarity though, and so far it's preventing me from packing. I'm up at 8am, finish lifting by noon, and eat my last carb at noon on the dot. Late in the day I do an hour of cardio...trying to get back to how lean I was a few months ago.
To help stick to my silly diet of only 80 carbs a day, today and yesterday I went straight to the movie theatre that's next to my gym following my workout. It's too hot for anything else really, so sitting at the movies is great. I may or many not have fallen asleep. I saw fantastic four, which I liked, and today was wedding crashers, which I recommend. Tomorrow, it's either War of the Worlds, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Friday is the Devils Rejects, and i'm damn excited. It'll help put off throwing my ridiculous amount of shirts into garbage bags, and trying to stuff all my dvds in my car for my trip on Sunday.
The Barbiehead suggests maybe putting shirts I don't wear on Ebay, in hopes that scary goth girls will buy them. I don't think that would would. But if you're a scary goth girl, and you're interested in maybe purchasing a Supreme Lee Great shirt i've never worn, let me know...

P.S...Rodderick Strong wears pink socks when he wrestles.
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