August 7th, 2005

Somewhere in Chicago...

Just got home from my last FIP shows. I'm tired, and sorta wish I got to hang out with some of the boys for a bit longer, but most of them will be on the ROH shows this coming weekend. Ladies and germs, this is it. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that what i've been doing with ROH for three years all comes to a close in seven sort days. Time flies they say, and before I know it, it'll be next sunday, and i'll be dropping off a very drunk Samoa Joe at the airport, saying goodbye to Homicide, and just trying to enjoy ever second I have left with my family. My support system.
It hasn't been the easiest year for me thus far. Sure, some great stuff has happened to me, and my hard work has started to show signs of paying off, but not a day goes by when I think of certain people and want to ask them "why?", right before I twist their neck. Living well is the best revenge, and i'm hell bent on giving the Chicago ROH fans one hell of an ending to my story this Saturday.
Wrestling is emotion. Come watch me do what I do best. Then party all night long with the Embassy like it's 1979, EH?!!!??