August 9th, 2005

can of worms

I can't ever fucking sleep. I also can't stop eating peanut butter. Chunky is for creeps.

I watched Kobashi/sasaki tonight, and i'm really getting a chip on my shoulder in regards to fans that try to dictate what's a good match based on selling or no selling. Christ, I hate even typing those words, since liking or disliking a match is so subjective. However, the chop battle between the two in my mind was nothing short of awesome. Do I really have to explain two of Japanese biggest stars, one on his home turf, and one still in the midst of an amazing comeback year not wanting to back down? It's hard for me to sit here and not totally freak out and say outlandish things like, "if you've never been in a ring, you have no right to critique", but once again, as fans, most have the right to speak their minds. It is america afterall, eh?
Chops are chops. Wrestling to me is about drama and story telling. Truthfully, what I didn't like about the match was the half-nelson suplexes. I can see an arguement for that, but chops? Holy hell, listen to me. I'm in need of sleep, and can't sleep, so i'm babbling about a match that took place on forgien soil.

Fuck it, I hate everybody that hated that match. I'm going to no sell your mother giving birth to you.
Minoru Suzuki is my hero, i'm going to steal his hair.
Up yours for being able to sleep.
hate hate hate