October 26th, 2005

...and you're so convinced that inch by inch they've turned to strangers.

Sing it.

Not for me, but for where I was a year ago.
Sing for where i'll be a year from now. Sing for all the people that wish they didn't have it coming.
You know you're in trouble, and I know i'll be singing.
Top of my lungs...."This ones twenty eyes!!!!!!!"


"Refuse to be denied. Refuse to compromise...I raise my fist"

Say goodbye to your teeth.

Thank you Cabana, Chez, Joe, Jess, Lee, Cass, Ace, the Barbiehead, Jen, Jummy, Roddy, Gabe, Cary, the one that calls me 'roo roo', Stevie, Capri, Gibson, Dee, Brandor, CC(miss you), Prazak, Corino no matter how much he weighs, Gil "female me" Parker, Lars, Marky, Hagadorn and Davey, Sterling, Spank, Dragon, the cactus, Bev for so much shit-putting-up-with, Rocky, Reyes, Petey, Rowdy, Stitches and last but never least, Callee.

Honorable mention to Harley for the super rad early birthday present:

Harley Race, eight time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio this past Wednesday. When ask which young wrestler today he would like to wrestle, Race said either CM Punk or Trevor Murdoch. Calling Punk and Murdoch "fantastic young guys," Race went on to compare Punk to Shawn Michaels, saying Punk's "as gifted as Shawn Michaels was in his time." When ask if he thought Punk would succeed in WWE, Race said yes, if WWE doesn't throw any roadblocks in his way. He conceded that Punk's size will work against him in WWE, but pointed out that Michaels had the same problem and overcame it. If Punk's given an opportunity, Race said, "they'll see his work is so good and they'll forget the size thing."

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